Author: Kokoro Arte

Another Year!

It really is hard to believe that another year has gone by, and everyone is trapped in this strange, limited and challenging way of living. To be honest, with little outside stimulation it is hard to be creative, and I have been affected by this. However, I will try to engage more with this page and try to provide updates.

I did manage a new song, aptly titled Lockdown Love and made the little video in time for it to be showcased for a song-writing competition – even though unfortunately I was really struggling to sing after a very bad cold and cough that left me without a voice for  while. If you dare, you can see tihs on my youtube channel (KokoroGuanche).

In other news, singing bowls are available in the “Merch” section here, and there are still some Wild and Free Cd’s for those who would like to hear some cheery songs. Do get in touch if you  are interested in a singing bowl and  you could  listen and choose one via Zoom.


Happy New Year

We’re well and truly into a new year, and so many things have happened all around the world. The dreary weather over the holiday period seemed to have kept many people indoors, recovering from colds and other bugs. As well as enjoying the odd Christmas party, Kokoro has spent the time preparing for the brighter days ahead, and hopefully there will be one or two appearances at festivals later on in the year. It’s not too late to book me if you are organising an event! I’m now equipped with a new compact PA system – so I’m ready to go!

There are still a few copies of the CD available, so just send me a message or order via the link on this site, if you’d like one. I’ve written a couple of new songs – not really ready to be recorded yet but I aired one for the first time at an open mic last week.

Published Articles – Media Engagement

In addition to writing and preforming creatively, I have had some pieces published – mainly in the areas of gender, language, culture and communication.

Here are some examples:

Star Trek and 20th century gender stereotypes

Ol’ Man River – how gendered language shapes the way we see the world

Gurus, gas attacks and pubic hair: Japan’s new religions

Exclusion of women from the Japanese Imperial Throne

Power relations and language equality

Recent Media Appearances include:

BBC Radio Scotland, Sunday Programme “Star Trek Dicovery and pushing boundaries”. 03 October 2020.

Radio New Zealand, Podcast “Referring to ships as ‘she’ is sexist”. 23 June 2019.

CNN International, Live interview, Newsroom around the World. 30 April 2019. “Emperor Akihito to Abdicate the Throne.”

The Toy – a new video

I can’t believe it’s a month since anything was posted here. Things have been busy though, and just to give an idea of what I’ve been up to, here’s another little “home-made” video. The Toy is a cheery song, with a catchy chorus, and is an indirect reflection on intimacy and relationships in the world in which we are living.

Run to the Wild with Me Video

I was honestly surprised at how a home-made video can turn out! The song is relevant to the angst of our times – I wrote it a few years ago, but it is (sadly) a reflection shaped by the destruction of the world around us. It is on the album, Wild and Free.

Wild and Free is Launched!

It was a very enjoyable evening – the CD launch party. The venue (Artisan Tap) was perfect – lovely stage, fantastic sound, lighting  and misty, foggy stage effects.

Kokoro was supported by special guests who were inspiring in various ways, as  independent, original artists determined to be authentic voices in a world of commercialised tastes.

Thank you to everyone who came along. If you didn’t get a CD on the night you can follow the merchandise link on this site (the vinyl-look CD might turn out to be a collector’s item), download here:

Wild and Free Cover 

or come and see me play and I’ll sign the CD for you!

Festivals and Gigs

If you’ve been out and about at local festivals over the summer, you will have come across Kokoro.

From an impromtu performance in the beer tent at Exile Fest, to the fringe stage at Stoke-on-Trent Pride and a packed half a mile of music at Matlock Bath, I seem to have managed to enjoy the summer camping, swimming and singing!

These appearances have been interspersed with appearances at fund-raising events, most recently the Extra Fest, in aid of the ‘end hunger’ project.

Festivals are already appearing in the calendar so don’t hesitate to get in touch if you’d like me to perform at your event. I’m also fairly media savvy so would be happy to be interviewed or booked for a public event.

This is an interview which was a part of the ‘You haven’t heard this music podcast’ from Yewstock in July. I really enjoyed it! Click below to hear my part, and listen to interviews from the whole festival here: