Kokoro is a Japanese word which means ‘heart’.

In the preface to “Kokoro: Hints and Echoes of Japanese Inner Life”, written in 1895, Lafcadio Hearn explains, ‘this word signifies also mind, in the emotional sense; spirit; courage; resolve; sentiment; affection; and inner meaning, – just as we say in English, “the heart of things.”’

I came across that volume of short stories, written by someone who had travelled via Greece, Ireland and New Orleans to make Japan his home, and who seemed to be able to capture the out-worldly essence and “heart of Japan”.

My life, and in some ways my performance, has been influenced, not just by having lived in a number of different places, but by a myriad of other factors – some obvious, some not so.

But as a writer, singer and as a performer, my work reflects “the heart of things” and for this reason I write and perform as Kokoro.

Kokoro: Writer, Singer, Performer

Kokoro is an avant-garde, quirky and provocative writer and performer, who entertains with a mixture of song and spoken word.

Kokoro’s repertoire of original songs and spoken word performance reflects the range of cultural influences that have inspired me. Some songs have a catchy chorus but there is an angst, an edge, a deep social awareness and a challenge to stereotypes, expectations and preconceptions.

With just voice, guitar, occasionally foot tambourine, kazoo and Tibetan Singing Bowls, I perform in local venues and festivals, participate in events to raise awareness of social issues and to encourage participation of women in public performance. I also add an edgy style to interpretations of songs by others – which are not the usual “cover version” choices.

I hope you like Kokoro-Arte, this website. The purpose is to present Kokoro as a writer, singer and performer, but also to provide a forum for relevant news and events and links to my work in other areas: gender, culture and social awareness. Your feedback is valuable, so please follow the link if you have any comments.