Month: January 2021

Another Year!

It really is hard to believe that another year has gone by, and everyone is trapped in this strange, limited and challenging way of living. To be honest, with little outside stimulation it is hard to be creative, and I have been affected by this. However, I will try to engage more with this page and try to provide updates.

I did manage a new song, aptly titled Lockdown Love and made the little video in time for it to be showcased for a song-writing competition – even though unfortunately I was really struggling to sing after a very bad cold and cough that left me without a voice for  while. If you dare, you can see tihs on my youtube channel (KokoroGuanche).

In other news, singing bowls are available in the “Merch” section here, and there are still some Wild and Free Cd’s for those who would like to hear some cheery songs. Do get in touch if you  are interested in a singing bowl and  you could  listen and choose one via Zoom.