Category: Tangled Words

I have written poetry, words often tangled in prose, for as long as I can remember. For the past few years many of these words have been in songs with often quirky, catchy refrains, but I also write in other contexts: words and poems, which I intend to post here in these pages, as well as articles – journalistic and research papers, in the corresponding link.

I understand that this is an open forum, but if you do use or refer to my work in any way, please follow creative commons and other copyright guidelines and cite me as the author. Also, please get in touch if you would like me to write or appear in an interview on your media platform.

Published Articles – Media Engagement

In addition to writing and preforming creatively, I have had some pieces published – mainly in the areas of gender, language, culture and communication.

Here are some examples:

Star Trek and 20th century gender stereotypes

Ol’ Man River – how gendered language shapes the way we see the world

Gurus, gas attacks and pubic hair: Japan’s new religions

Exclusion of women from the Japanese Imperial Throne

Power relations and language equality

Recent Media Appearances include:

BBC Radio Scotland, Sunday Programme “Star Trek Dicovery and pushing boundaries”. 03 October 2020.

Radio New Zealand, Podcast “Referring to ships as ‘she’ is sexist”. 23 June 2019.

CNN International, Live interview, Newsroom around the World. 30 April 2019. “Emperor Akihito to Abdicate the Throne.”